Extended Slackware

Here you can find list of packages which are still under development. This means that the package is probably bad prepared (dirty permissions, dangling symlinks, uncompressed man pages, no man pages/documentation etc.)
This page arised because I have few packages, which I'd like to share, but I didn't have time/possibility to check them. So don't install any of this packages unless you really don't have other choice (e.g. this is the only such Slackware package in whole internet) or you want to help me to make this package stable.
Directory with packages | Stable packages
73.95kB atop-1.20-i486-1x
2.55MB firebird-classic-
48.45MB gap-4.4.9-i486-1dvl
696.10kB graveman-0.3.12_4-i486-1dvl
1.84MB htmldoc-1.8.24-i486-1dvl
307.11kB openvpn-2.0.9-i486-1dvl
78.43kB p5-dbd-interbase-0.43-i486-1x
35.76kB pkgtools-ng-0.1-noarch-1x
37.46kB pkgtools-ng-0.2-noarch-1x
39.81kB pkgtools-ng-0.2.1-noarch-1x
42.23kB pkgtools-ng-0.2.2-noarch-1x
43.96kB pkgtools-ng-0.2.2a-noarch-1x
44.06kB pkgtools-ng-0.2.2b-noarch-1x
71.73kB qiv-2.1_pre11-i486-1dvl
643.20kB slack-metadata-cd1-11.0-i486-1x
609.97kB slack-metadata-cd2-11.0-i486-1x
358.85kB slack-metadata-cd3-11.0-i486-1x
132.94kB slack-metadata-cd4-11.0-i486-1x
145.42kB slack-metadata-cd5-11.0-i486-1x
128.41kB slack-metadata-updates-11.0_070627-i486-1x
1.47MB smartcard-1.0-i486-4dvl
40.14MB wesnoth-1.0.2-i486-1dzz
225.90kB xslack-metadata-070624-i486-1x

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