Extended Slackware


Addition date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 22:45:46 +0100

There was no update for quite a long time, and now we have 10 packages to update. By the way I'm stopping holding packages in "just one more check" state (packages from packages-devel directory, I didn't put there all packages, though), 6 new packages came to repository.

Packages, which have new versions, are cURL, Cyrus IMAPD, Dovecot, Exim, PAM, PHP, sudo, syslog-ng and Tcl/Tk. To mention more important changes, I fixed default config file in Exim package (commented out LMTP transport, useful with Cyrus IMAPD), and PHP is at last version 5.x, compiled with MySQL support (module; lack of it was my fault, because I don't actually use PHP) and PostgreSQL (module).

New packages are PostgreSQL (temporarily 8.0.4, since that's what I'm using), Perl module for PostgreSQL support, DBD::Pg (p5-dbd-postgresql), PVM (parallel programming library), Ruby and ruby-doc (very nice scripting language) and Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling (tcm), very comfortable diagram editor (UML, ER diagrams and others).

Moreover, I'm thinking about moving project's site from hand-made templates system to HTML::Mason, so p5-html-mason package should turn up soon in repository. For the meanwhile it's being prepared.

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