Extended Slackware

Extended Slackware originally is not an alternative distribution. It's just a set of packages for newest stable Slackware, not infrequently differing from packages from distribution with just details (quite important, though - otherwise I wouldn't even bother with compilation by my own). If you want to know what's better/different than in distribution package, compare slackbuilds.

Slackbuilds... right. This is the second important point in project (I think I can call it like that). There're many packages on Linux Packages, sometimes doubling Extended Slackware ones (or inversely), but not for all slackbuilds are available. I want to add build scripts for all packages placed here. Because of that there're less available packages than I have on my system, but thanks to that you could easily rebuild necessary packages on other Slackware versions (e.g. on 8.1 - glibc 2.2 - or on future versions). It's worth waiting patiently for such prepared package, isn't it?

Third important point is to get all security updates, which aren't included in newest stable Slackware version. As for now, because of lack of time, I'm putting just these updates, which Patrick Volkerding and the team didn't put in slackware-<ver>/patches/. My target is to have only current and fixed packages.

Additionally I want to prepare as many as possible services and tools for work with IPv6 protocol (many of included in Slackware is prepared, though). That's why I moved to Apache 2.0.

At the end I want to say a word about additional packages. You can expect packages mainly for server, such as IPsec tools, tools for grsecurity and probably for other sets of security patches and libraries, like Linux capabilities (man 7 capabilities) or PAM (despite of that not everyone likes this library), tools for network testing (hping3 + mtr + ngrep + xprobe2, Kismet) and daemons, which are not included in original Slackware: Exim, Postfix, oidentd, fcron and others. You can find also developer's packages (jak Valgrind), and even desktop ones (jak Enlightenment).
Many to do, but time, for now, not too much. Don't be suprised that new packages come one for two weeks or more.

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